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About GMiner
The only issuance method of GMiner GOM token
GMiner's 1 stamina is mining 1 GOM token per day.
The premium grade GMiner can be issued at most 2,000.
The sooner you start, the more tokens you will gain.

The only way to generate a GOM token

Staking for Mining Rewards

Music Chart Ranking Competition (Locked)

Music uploads

Create Music NFT

The world's first music DeFi platform
Building fair music leader board

By stamina figures, GMiner is divided into three categories: standard, intermediate, and premium.

GMiner is allow to mining GOM tokens equal to the stamina points every day.

The premium grade GMiner can be issued at most 2,000

GMiner's pre-sale ends when the total daily mining amount reaches 200,000 GOM.

Why G Miner?

The only issuance method of GMiner GOM token

DAO voting rights are granted to participate in the policy of the platform.

It has a good profit space and trades freely in the market.

How to purchase ?

Connect the wallet and pay with MATIC


Music NFT generated by uploading music works of musicians

What about "GSound"

Support excellent music and musicians to gain higher visibility and interests

When investors lock up and vote on GSound, GSound holders can get continuous dividends

GSound ranks up, holders can get additional rewards for ranking benefits

How to trade GSound

You may trade at G.O.M website and view all the transactions through the Polygonscan

After the transaction, the profit will be transferred to the new holding address

DAO/Staking vote

Investors use the GOM tokens they hold to lock and mine their favorite GSound music works to obtain corresponding mining rewards. The GSound holders can also receive continuous dividends

You can predict the rise and fall of music rankings when you lock and mine, and you can get additional rewards if the prediction is successful, and there is no penalty mechanism for failures

The earlier the lock-up rate is higher, the earlier the participation time is, the higher the mining reward will be distributed by the system

Godboard TOP100
Music Trading Chart

Godboard Chart: Music Trading Ranking Competition (Locked Position)

Music Ranking 1~100

Revenue Mechanism

GSound Ranking: Bet on the rise and fall of music in the ranking, you can get huge profits

Investor income = lock-up mining reward + ranking reward + prediction upgrade reward

Holder (musician is the original holder) = lock-up dividend + GSound transaction

Betting time: early betting will be divided into high, late betting will be divided into small

The role of the sharing mechanism: to prevent locked positions from being concentrated in the high ranking GSound

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